Horizon Robotics, Changan

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    Beijing (Gasgoo)-Edge-AI technology developer Horizon Robotics teamed up with China Automotive Innovation Corporation (CAIC) to build a collaborative next-generation AI chip innovation development laboratory.

    Horizon Robotics, Changan

    Horizon Robotics, Changan-FAW-Dongfeng venture establish AI chip lab

    The annoucement ceremony; photo credit: Horizon Robotics

    The co-founded lab is positioned as a "synergetic innovation platform, high-tech incubator, talent cultivator" that focuses on organizing a top-tier technical team for AI chip and algorithms, supporting the supply chain development of the intelligent driving segment.

    The CAIC is jointly founded by three state-owned automakers in China, namely FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor Group, and Changan Auto, for manufacturing and intelligent technology exploration. The company has three primary business sectors, including smart chassis R&D, hydrogen fuel technology, and vehicle intelligence connectivity.

    The joint venture has been a strategic partner to Horizon Robotics since July 2020 to develop together industry-leading intellectualized and connective automotive products.

    The two companies aim to explore further AI chip and perceptual algorithms' universality and perceptiveness, striving to make critical technology breakthroughs for application demonstration and product industrialization through the co-established vehicle intelligence innovation lab.

    With the achievement in the auto-grade AI chip and algorithm field, Horizon Robotics is able to meet the diversity of technical needs from CAIC during product development and provide the latter with open development toolchain and AI developing tool platform.   



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