XPENG welcomes new Senior Director of Production Quality

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    XPENG Motors today announced that Mr. MIYASHITA YOSHITSUGU has joined as the Senior Director of Production Quality, responsible for quality management of its production.

    XPENG welcomes new Senior Director of Production Quality

    A leading expert in the field of lean production, Mr. Miyashita worked in Toyota Motor Corporation as a quality engineer for nearly 40 years, serving as the Director of the Quality Assurance and Quality Management Departments of GAC Toyota Motor Co. Ltd.

    XPENG welcomes new Senior Director of Production Quality

    Mr. MIYASHITA YOSHITSUGU at XPENG Motors’ Guangzhou headquarters

    Mr. Miyashita has extensive experience in vehicle production, quality management of purchased parts, preparation for new vehicle production, and in setting up production quality systems. He is one of the rare automotive elites deeply immersed in the essence of Toyota lean production. Mr. Miyashita also has several decades of localized quality management practice in China.

    During his time at GAC Toyota Motor, Mr. Miyashita established a holistic quality management system from component parts to complete vehicles, achieving the 1st place in the industry for a manufacturing process with a “zero defect” or “poor vehicle performance” rate, and for three consecutive years attaining the goal of "zero defect" in the Annual Toyota Global System Quality Assurance Single Production Line Inspection, and "zero defect" for that of the double production line in 2016.

    Mr. Miyashita was responsible for the quality construction of GAC Toyota's 2nd and 3rd production-line factories, ensuring the high-quality introduction of models such as Highlander and Camry. The effective construction of the 3rd production line SSS intelligent factory is a benchmark for the industry.

    As a front-runner in the new electric vehicle force in China, the pursuit of quality and customer experience has been a top priority for XPENG Motors.

    “2019 is the year of quality, mass delivery and operational optimization for XPENG Motors,” said Mr. He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO. “The appointment of Mr. Miyashita demonstrates our commitment to quality and to providing top class products to our customers,” said He.



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